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This book deals in two chapters the basic aspects to understand the coinage during the thirteenth century. The first concerns the political and financial capacity of the king for issuing coins. Their understanding involves developing the evolution of the presence of silver in the space of the Kingdom of León during XII c. and focuses on a key policy document such as the Cortes of Benavente of 1202. The second deals with the coinage itself, taking into account the production of pure silver coins, which implies an advance in Castile in comparison with other contemporary kingdoms, due to the geographical position, being frontier with the Islamic kingdoms.

It should be noted that in this way are some aspects studied in the doctoral thesis Emisiones monetarias leonesas y castellanas de la Edad Media. Organización, economía, tipos y fuentes defended at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2008 and published in Spanish in this collection.

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